Your Child’s Fingerprint in Recycled Sterling Silver

This custom creation is made from your loved one’s fingerprint in organic recycled silver. The silver is made into a clay with organic binders and then an impression is made.

This is NOT an engraving of a copy – It is an actual fingerprint impression

You can pre-purchase online now at a discounted price to help the community

After stores are permitted to reopen we will make an appointment with you and your loved one. We will complete the project at a Marvin Scott & Co. location

Fingerprint Only

Stay safe and hope to see you soon

Every piece is one of a kind, handmade by our professionals in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

$80.00 $69.00

Available Online or In-Store

The beauty of Salvaged can be found online as well as in stores across Bucks County. Whether you’re looking for an already made piece or to bring new life to one of your own pieces, our experts are here to help.

Personalized Service

Our professionals have years of experience creating jewelry for every occasion. We use vintage techniques to hand make each piece, ensuring each is as beautiful and unique as the stories attached to it.

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